Release Notes for Easy Expense Tracker™

Easy Expense Tracker™

Release Notes

NextWave Easy Expense Tracker | companion apps Easy Auto Log and Easy Receipt Log

Receipt Tracking

Track your receipts by date or a group name, with the information you need recorded for recordkeeping purposes. Use the app to organize and track pictures, too!

Mileage Tracking

Keep track of each trip you take with all your vehicles. Track the trip distance automatically, calculate the distance between points, or just enter the total distance.

Receipt Dashboard

Graphs display expense receipt expenditures by month, day, or type.

Mileage Dashboard

Graphs display your mileage and trips by date, car, driver and type.


Expense reporting gets easy for business travelers. Print or export the expense reports. The 'Travel & Expenses' report includes both receipts and mileage log information!

Easy Receipt Log

Use this smartphone application to take pictures of your receipts and add related expense data right on your phone. It includes a tip calculator, too!

Easy Auto Log

Take this smartphone application along with you when traveling to keep track of where you go and what you do! This can be sync automatically to Easy Expense Tracker, bringing all your data into one app.